Review Policy


I am David. This is my personal review blog (though I may post other stuff from time to time, just to mix things up).

I like to be offered books. I like to be sent books. I like to read books. I like to review books. BUT - there are lots of books and only one of me. I buy books too (many of them) and like most of us I'm emotionally committed to various series and authors. And I have a full time job. So I can't read or review everything I'm offered, get sent or even that I buy myself.

I will though honour my word - when I say I'll consider a book I'll consider it, when I say I'll review a book I'll review it. So if you have something you think I might like (have a look at the blog or Amazon to see what I've reviewed but for short I review SFF, horror and crime, but also some modern fiction/ litfic) please do get in touch. You can use the gadget on the blog or email me at bluebookballoon - at - outlook - dot - com

When I do review I generally post the review here and on my Amazon and Goodreads too.

Important caveat

I won't normally review a book if I try it and find I can’t say something helpful. That isn’t always the same as liking it - my opinion, for what it's worth, is that reviews are to help other people decide whether they’d like a book so I like to describe the book and place it in context. Whether I, personally, liked it is part of that, but not the most important part, so I don't do reviews that say "this was crap". (That is one of the reasons why the blog is primary: Amazon and Goodreads force you to star rate. The rating is then what gets noticed, and not the opinion in the review).

So it may be that I find there's nothing I can say about a book. It may be stunning, wonderful and so on but... just no. I can't trust myself to comment usefully. Then I don't review.

So if I accept a book for review it's always with this caveat.


I'm a dead-tree native, that is, ebooks just don't feel right to me. So in an ideal world I'll always prefer a physical ARC. That said, I will read e if it works for you: primarily via my Kindle app. Talk to me...


  1. I have had very good reviews of my book, 'When Dreams Seem Real' and am half-way through the sequel. I don't know if you would like to read it? It is a sci-fiction novel with a lot of politics mixed in as is the sequel.It has not been published yet so I can only send it in E-form.
    You don't give your name in the blog so please could you send it to me so I know who I am talking to.
    Best wishes,
    Dr Emma Sowter

  2. Emma

    Thanks for getting in touch. I'm David (and thanks for pointing out that I haven't given my name anywhere, I will fix that!)

    Do you want to email me and we can discuss? Address is blue book balloon (but all in one word) a t outlook d o t com

    Best wishes